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Among many others, Eva was influenced and inspired by:

 - Founder(s) of qigong (believed to be Yellow Emperor or Confucius

   or Lao Tzu)

 - Ancient healers, shamans

 - Ida Rolf

 - Sebastian Junger (Tribe)

 - Johanne Hari (Lost Connections; Chasing the Scream)

 - Dr. Gabor Maté (physician with a special interest in childhood development and trauma)

 - Dr. Vincent Felitti (co-Principal Investigator of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study)

In addition to being a Chinese medicine tui na/acupressure healer, Eva is an attorney and a real estate broker with extended years of legal experience.

Eva graduated from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California with a certificate in Chinese medicine massage tui na and acupressure. Eva obtained her bachelors degree from UCSD. During college, Eva spent a year studying abroad in the United Kingdom at the University of Hull in England and visited several other countries including Italy, France and Belgium. Eva earned her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, in San Francisco. While at Hastings, Eva worked as a volunteer at the Asian Law Caucus Immigration Clinic helping indigent clients with various immigration questions.

Eva put herself through college and law school by working various jobs including photographer, waitress, retail sales, piano teacher, restaurant hostess, file clerk, cashier, and library assistant. She often worked two or more jobs at the same time. Since junior high school, Eva has volunteered her time in the community. She was a junior pre-med and hospital volunteer throughout junior high and high school. Also beginning in junior high, Eva volunteered on several public servant campaigns, and she has volunteered at the UC Hastings Legal Clinics, San Francisco Food Bank, nursing homes, and environmental clean-ups.

Eva is fluent in English and Chinese Mandarin and Taiwanese.  

For recreation, Eva plays tennis, travels internationally, does bicycle tours, hikes at Mount Tamalpais, Tilden National Park, Yosemite, Muir Woods, skis, sings, reads, and plays the piano. Eva's first poetry book is available on Eva's bicycle tours videos are available on youtube. 

- Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, 500 Hours

- certified by the CAMTC #76706

- passed the multistate MBLEX

- completed Advanced Series Structural Integration Workshop by Neal Powers


- J.D. Hastings College of the Law

除了當推拿和指壓治療師Eva是一位律師, 也是一個房地產經紀人,擁有豐富的法侓經驗。Eva在加州大學聖地亞哥分校讀大学。Eva在Hastings法學院大學得到juris doctorate,法律學位。



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