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Thank you for visiting our holistic wellness site.


Your wellness and health are precious, and our goal is to provide holistic options to guide you towards wellness, peace and balance. 


Some of you may not be familiar with some of our modalities such as Chinese massage (or tui na) or acupressure 氣功推拿和穴位按摩, which are parts of Chinese medicine, an ancient healing art.

Tui na is the oldest known massage method. Originating in China, it was described in the Yellow Emperor’s Classics of Internal Medicine, 2300 B.C., as one of the five major therapies at the time. Tui na has remained a form of significant healing since that time. In China and Taiwan, tui na is taught as a separate but equal field of study in the major traditional Chinese medical colleges. Tui na doctors receive the same demanding training as acupuncturists and herbalists and enjoy the same level of professional respect.

Acupressure focuses on the same points as acupuncture therapy.

For both tui na and acupressure, please come to the sessions wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. As with some other Asian body therapy modalities, tui na and acupressure are performed with clothes on.

Some of our massage tables are all-wood, non-toxic massage tables custom-made by Robert Hunter out of Oregon; we sourced the organic wool cushion/batting and the organic linen cover from Eastern Europe - the cushioning on the massage tables are organic wool and the covers are organic linen. The wood was finished with non-toxic hemp oil.

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